About the Author

Since he was a young student, Hussein K. Bawa wondered why few individuals attain their goals and experience great success, while others live day-to-day. These questions lead him to read motivational books by much-loved authors such as: Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, and Steven R. Covey. Over the eighteen years that he read and tried to apply these authors’ principles, he noticed that there were several common elements among their advice. Mr. Bawa has since simplified these elements into six principles of success, which he generously presents to all of us in his new novel, The 6p Entrepreneur.

Mr. Bawa is a finance professional, entrepreneur and investor. He is a Managing Director of Canary Advisory Group. He is also the founder of a mobile application business that specializes in educational apps, and an animation business currently producing its first children’s book and animated series. He is a Chartered Accountant and received an Honours BA in Economics from York University.