The Book

The 6p Entrepreneur is a motivational story of two young men seeking something better than what life seems to have handed them. Adam, who lives in present-day Ontario, Canada, struggles to figure out the secrets of success as he goes about his dreary bank job. But before he resigns himself to knuckling down under the pressures of life, he meets James, a wealthy and experienced entrepreneur. As their paths interconnect, the stories of James's own youth—from the farmlands of Ireland to city life in Scotland to later life in Canada—is revealed. Along the way, James’s tales of grappling with love, loss, and regret ignite and encourage Adam to seek wealth, health, and happiness.

What are James’s six principles of success? Can they be taught? The 6p Entrepreneur is an inspiring tale of facing and conquering our inner-most fears. James’s story examines how to truly succeed, no matter where you are in life. The question is: are you ready?